Review Status

Blackboard's Review Status feature allows you to mark specific items of course content as needing to be reviewed by students. This could be compulsory readings, formative tests, videos that are key to their learning, or folders of materials.

Students can then tick to say that they have reviewed a piece of content, and each student's progress can then be reviewed on the Blackboard course's Performance Dashboard.

This feature is useful to know if your students have accessed all content you deem as required or necessary whilst they are studying on the module. This is also a useful feature for students as they can keep track of what content they have and haven't reviewed.

It can also be used to release content to students using the adaptive release function.

How to set up Review status

  1. Open your Blackboard course and navigate to the relevant content area.

  2. Click the downward arrow next to the content title and click Set Review Status (Disabled).

A content item's dropdown menu with a highlight on the option "Set review status (disabled)"

  1. On the Review Status page, Click Enable, then Submit.

The Review status enable menu, the enable checkbox is selected and the submit button highlighted

  1. A pop-up message will confirm that the review status has been updated, and the drop down menu item will change to Set Review Status (Enabled).

  2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each resource on which you want to enable Review status.

How to access the Performance Dashboard

  1. On the Blackboard Course's left navigation menu, scroll down to the Course management section.

  2. Select Evaluation, then Performance Dashboard.

The Performance Dashboard menu item under the Evaluation section of Course Management

  1. This will display the course performance, as well as the Review status, next to each student enrolled on the course.

The Performance dashboard with the review status column highlighted

Review status student guidance