Blackboard Sandbox Course Request

This form is for the requesting of a test course for your personal use. It must not be used for any teaching or research activities and is not to be used for the archiving of information. You are responsible for the content in the course and the user enrolments. Only one sandbox course per person is available. The courses are not backed up.

Please enter your details carefully and double check before submitting, as this information will be used to create the course, and enrol you on it. Any errors here could result in the failure of your request. You will not receive an email notifying you the course request has been processed, so keep checking in your course list in Blackboard for it to be added.

We will try to process these requests within 5 working days of submission.

Click link below submit your request - PLEASE NOTE you must be signed into MUSE to do this.

Blackboard Sandbox Course Request Form