Navigating the Blackboard homepage

In summer 2019, a new homepage was introduced to Blackboard, giving a fresh look and feel.

Below is a guide to the features on the left hand menu.

The Blackboard base navigation left hand menu

Digital Resources - This section contains useful links to skills resources and other services in the University that may be of use to your learning.

Your name - Click here for your personal profile and settings, including Notification Settings.

Activity stream - You will find a stream of notifications from your courses, including announcements and due dates.

Courses - This section contains your past, current and future courses. How to manage your courses.

Organisations - This section contains organisation sites (note your department may not use these so it may be empty).

Due Dates Calendar - A calendar of due dates within Blackboard.

Messages - A function to send messages through Blackboard. Note tutors may or may not want to communicate this way, so check before using this.

Marks and Feedback - Your grades and feedback from your marked work.

Tools - Contains some other services, including Kaltura media and Porfolios.