Organising your courses

In Blackboard there are a number of ways that you can make organising and accessing a course easier.

Searching for a course

In the courses or organisation sections you will find a 'search your courses' bar at the top of the page. Click into this area and enter a search term related to the course title and the page will automatically filter showing relevant courses.

Searching for a course on Blackboard

Add a course to favourites

If you find there is a course which you regularly access and want you pin it to the top of your list, you can use the favourites functionality.

Click the star icon to the right of any course in your course or organisation list and it will jump to the top of the page and remain in the favourites section each time you log in. To remove the favourite option click the purple highlighted star to remove it.

Favourite a course in Blackboard

Filtering between academic years

You can quickly move between courses in different years in Blackboard.

You can either:

Click from the dropdown list found at the top of the course or organisation area.

How to switch between academic years in Blackboard using a dropdown

Or, tab between course years using the right and left tabs to switch between different year views.

Switching between academic years using tabs in Blackboard