Student Guidance for Online Assessment

In most cases, staff are replacing exams in the ways described below. You should complete work sooner rather than later, to give time to seek help if you encounter any issues.

  • An assignment (without Turnitin)
  • An assignment (with Turnitin)
  • A Blackboard test (Quiz)
  • Media submission through Blackboard Assignments
  • Submitting handwritten work through Blackboard Assignments

How to submit work in Blackboard

How to submit work in Blackboard using Turnitin

Your department will let you know which types of assessments will be used. You should try out online submission using the practice course for your faculty.

Updated: Monday 1 June at 15.30

Try out submitting online

You can access our test courses to try out the process of submitting online.

First please log into Blackboard and then choose the appropriate course for your Faculty: 

You will be asked to enrol on the course when you first access it. After this the course will appear in your list of courses, alongside your existing modules on Blackboard.

Check your IT setup in advance
  • Visit the Blackboard Browser Checker in advance of the Spring Assessment period to check your browser and operating system.
  • Check your WiFi / Use a network cable
  • Minimise other internet usage and avoid using streaming services when trying to submit work or taking an online test
  • Manage your Windows Updates to ensure your PC does not try to restart itself whilst you are taking a test.
  • If you’re using a laptop, check the power supply is plugged in to the mains and turned on.
What to do if something goes wrong?

If you experience any issues during an online timed assessment that impacts your performance or ability to complete the assessment within the time allowed, you should complete the form linked below. 

You do not need to submit the form during your assessment but must do so as soon as possible afterwards. 

Online Assessment Report Form for August Reassessment 2019/20

301 support for online assessment

301: Academic Skills Centre have developed resources to help you tackle the range of assessments you may be undertaking remotely, as well as tips and techniques on creating a good working environment to help you stay on top of your workload.

301 Guide to Alternative Assessment

301 Remote Study Strategies

Extra support for students

The Disability and Dyslexia Support Service (DDSS) have information on how disabled students' exam support requirements will be accommodated with the move to online assessment.

DDSS also has guidance on how to take part in the University's yellow sticker scheme indicating you have a documented disability which affects your written communication when submitting assessments electronically via Blackboard Assignments or Turnitin.

DDSS: 2019-20 semester two exams - important information if you access University exam support adjustments

DDSS: Yellow Stickers 

Submitting handwritten work

Your course may require you to submit handwritten work with equations or drawings. This should be done as a PDF. It is important to ensure your work is in the correct order and legible. Some home printers will have a scanning function or the Microsoft Office Lens app can be used to create pdfs with a smartphone as shown below. You can take photos with the app or use ones you have already taken of your work.

If you are unable to use either of these methods please email copying in your course administrator or module leader. For issues with the MS Office Lens app, Microsoft provide online chat support.

  1. Download the app which is available on the Google Play store or Apple App store.
  2. Choose or take a picture and use the cropping tool to select the relevant area.
  3. Click add new in the bottom left hand corner to add more pages.
  4. When you’ve finished scanning all of the pages click on the circle with the number on in the right hand corner. You will be given another chance to edit your work so you should check that everything has been included and that the writing is clear.
  5. Save your work to your phone or tablet gallery. This will then need to be submitted to your course. To do this you can email the file to yourself or save it to your Google Drive so that you are able to access it on the device you use to access Blackboard.
  6. Any work created by this method should be uploaded to a Blackboard Assignment on your course (not Turnitin).
A page of mathematical notes viewed through the Microsoft Office Lens app Using the Microsoft Office Lens app to crop an image of handwritten notes to the relevant area Handwritten notes scanned into the Microsoft Office Lens app with editing tools The files page of Microsoft Office Lens showing images of handwritten notes that have been saved
This is a picture of the handwritten work. Black pen will show up best. The app allows you to select the relevant area to remove the background and any irrelevant work. When you have finished you are able to further edit your work or add additional pages before saving to PDF. Click on the three dots next to the file to share it.

Video walk through of creating a PDF with Microsoft Office Lens (Android)

Video walk through of creating a PDF with Microsoft Office Lens (Apple)