Student submission and accessing feedback

What is Crowdmark?

Crowdmark is an online assessment tool that is accessed through Blackboard and allows you to submit work which you have handwritten by creating them as images or PDFs and uploading them.

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Watch the video below to to find out how to access your Crowdmark assignment, submit work, then access your feedback when marked. Alternatively follow the steps written out below.

Accessing assignments

You will receive an email from Crowdmark when there is a new assignment available. The email will contain a link taking you to Blackboard, and you will be able to access the assignment from a link within your Blackboard course.

Question types

Crowdmark has 3 question types which your tutor can choose to add to your assignment.

Please note: If your tutor has asked you to do a handwritten submission, the question type will be Image/PDF. Please read the guidance on completing, capturing, and submitting your work below for full instructions on this method.

Image/PDF file

For an image/PDF question you need to drag and drop, or upload, your image by clicking on the plus icon. All images uploaded will display for you, as shown below, and you can change their orientation or delete the uploaded image. You can upload PNG, JPEG or PDF files.

To change the rotation of the image, click on the magnifying glass icon and click Rotate page. To delete the image click the cross icon.

An example image/pdf upload question type. The magnifier and delete buttons are highlighted

Text (with Markdown formatting)

For a text question, click into the textbox and type your response into the box.

You are also able to attach an image or file by clicking Attach files under the text box, then locating the file on your device.

The file will be inserted using Markdown, which you can also use to format your answers. If you have not used Markdown before, the cheat sheet linked below covers the basics.

Markdown cheat sheet

An example of a text answer. The answer field contains an image in markdown formatting

Toggle between Edit and Preview views using the buttons above the text box. This will show what your inserted image and answer text will look like to your tutor.

Text answer example in preview mode, the image now appears as an image rather than markdown text

Multiple choice

If you are presented with a multiple choice question, simply click in the circle next to the answer you wish to submit, then move onto the next question. You will only be able to select one answer.

Example MCQ: What is the warmest season in the UK? Spring, Winter, Summer (correct), Autumn

Completing your work

When setting out your handwritten work you should think about how you will capture it. Your tutor may give you guidance about how your work should be set out.

Please note: It is possible to use a note taking app on a tablet or touch screen device as long as it can export to either JPG, PNG (up to 12MB) or PDF (up to 25MB).

Please make sure that this is appropriate by checking with your tutor, and follow the same guidelines below to ensure that it is set out correctly.

A few general points to consider are:

  • Paper should generally not be larger than A4 so that the work will be large enough to read on screen.
  • Do not include any identifying information unless told otherwise by your tutor.
  • Use a dark colour ink on a light background.
  • Ensure that all working out is clear and in a logical order.
  • Label questions clearly with the question number.
  • If you have multiple pages, put page numbers at the top of each page so that you will be able to quickly check they are in the correct order.
  • Leave space between questions so that you will be able to take individual pictures or crop easily.
  • Avoid starting a question at the bottom of a page where you will need to go on to another page.

Capturing your work

You can capture your handwritten work with a smartphone, tablet or digital camera. PDF, JPG and PNG files can be uploaded to Crowdmark. There is a limit of 12MB for JPG and PNG, or 25MB for PDF.

If your work has multiple pages you may find it easier to use a scanning app such as Microsoft Office Lens to convert your work into a PDF so you only have a single file to upload and keep the pages in the correct order.

Full guidance: submitting handwritten work

Submitting your work

This section primarily covers how to upload handwritten work to the Image/PDF question type. Please see the Question types section for information about answering Text and Multiple choice questions.

 Using a computer

You will need to transfer your images or PDFs to your computer.

Using a phone

You can use either the Blackboard App or open Blackboard in a web browser.

Please note: Images uploaded to Crowdmark must be JPG or PNG format.

  1. Once you have accessed your Blackboard course and found the assignment point, which will look like the below image, click the title to access the assignment.

Crowdmark Assignment link as it appears in Blackboard

  1. In Crowdmark you will see an overview of the questions you need to answer.

Crowdmark submit assignment page with questions listed, upload function for each question, and Submit for evaluation button

  1. To submit your work, either drag and drop images into the relevant question response area, or click the area to browse for the file to upload on your computer or mobile device.

  2. If you are uploading a single PDF file, upload this to the first question. The pages of the PDF will load and then you can drag and drop the relevant pages of the document to the question it's answering.

  3. (All question types) Once you have uploaded all your answers click the Submit for evaluation button. You will receive an onscreen confirmation of receipt.

Crowdmark onscreen submission notification with edit and resubmit button

Please note: You will not receive an email to confirm receipt of your submission.

Viewing marks and feedback

One your tutor has completed marking your Crowdmark assignment, marks will be transferred to My Marks.

If feedback is made available for your assignment you will be able to access this through the same link as the original assignment.

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