Jisc Digital Experience Insights Survey

'How do you use technology to learn?'

The Digital Experience Insights Survey has now closed. We hope to share results in the near future.

Jisc Digital Experience Insights is a national survey that gathers information about how you use technology to support your learning. Taking part is your chance to let us know about the issues that matter to you, so we can improve the digital services that support your learning experience.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen the use of digital tools at the University increase substantially and new methods of online learning embraced. Your experiences of digital learning over the last year are more important than ever before. We wanted to find out what has worked well for you, and what should be improved.

The survey helps us to:

  • Gain insight into how you study and learn online
  • Understand how you use Blackboard and other services
  • Target resources towards the issues that matter to you
  • Find out what helps you to succeed

Please note: The Digital Experience Insights Survey closed on 30 April 2021.

Have your say on your education! The university wants to know how you like to learn. While the pandemic has brought many challenges, for some it has made education more accessible and it's important that the university can identify what has worked for you the most moving forward. This is a fantastic opportunity to tell the university how you want your education to be delivered and what teaching methods you find most valuable.

Ellie Lynas, Education Officer, University Of Sheffield Students' Union

The University is, over the next few months, working with individual departments to learn about their experiences with digital learning and their ambitions to do more over the next few years. Alongside this we really need to learn as much as we can about the experiences, good and bad, students have had.

Professor Andrew Hindmoor, Deputy Vice-President for Education

This survey was carried out by The University of Sheffield in conjunction with Jisc. We asked questions about your course and your experiences of digital learning, but the questions did not identify you personally. We aim to use the data to help improve your digital experience. We also share the data with Jisc, anonymously, as part of a wider national study.

If you have any questions about the survey please contact digital.learning@sheffield.ac.uk