Add chapters to videos

Adding chapters and/or presentation slides can help viewers navigate your videos. There are two ways to add slides and chapters:

Automatic slide detection

Kaltura Capture can automatically detect PowerPoint slides during a recording, adding slides as timestamped chapters.  

  1. Open Kaltura Capture.

  2. Open a PowerPoint presentation in Slide Show mode either prior to or during recording.

  3. Microsoft PowerPoint toolbar with Slide Show mode and Start Slide Show buttons highlighted

  4. Kaltura Capture will detect each slide displayed during the recording, creating a new chapter.

  5. End recording.

When you have finished recording, your PowerPoint slides will be uploaded as chapter images at the points they appear in the recording. 

Manually create chapters and upload slides

You can manually create chapters and upload presentation slides in Kaltura. 

  1. Navigate to the media item in your My Media library and click on its title. 

  2. Click the Actions menu and select Edit.

  3. Click on the Timeline tab where you can view/edit chapters and slides.

  4. Kaltura's Timeline tab, showing the timeline of media item with chapter and slide icons highlighted

  5. Click on the timeline at the point you want to create a new chapter, and click the Chapter button (bookmark icon).

  6. Select a thumbnail image, enter a chapter title, description and search tags, and click Save.

  7. Kaltura's Timeline tab, with the add Chapter button, title, description and tags fields highlighted

  8. To upload presentation slides, click the Upload Slides button (file icon).

  9. Click Choose a file to upload and select your presentation file from your computer.

  10. Once uploaded your slides will be spread across the timeline for you to manually arrange.

  11. Slide information is imported from your presentation, you can edit this if required, then click Save.  

  12. Kaltura's Timeline tab, with Upload Slides button, slide information, Save and Delete highlighted

  13. You can delete any slides that are not required by clicking the slide icon on the timeline and clicking Delete Slide.

  14. Alternately you can use the Upload Slides button to upload individual slides and arrange these on the timeline. 

  15. Once you have finished adding chapters and slides, click the Details tab and click Save.

Please note: You can also use the Timeline tab to move chapters created automatically in Kaltura Capture recordings.