Insert media into a Blackboard course

  1. Log into MUSE and open Blackboard.

  2. Open the relevant course, and navigate to the content area where you want to insert media.

  3. Ensure that Edit Mode is on.

  4. Click Build Content and select Item.

Tip: You can also insert media at any point the Content Editor is used in Blackboard, such as within discussion boards, when writing Test questions or when providing feedback to a Blackboard Assignment.

  1. Give the new content item a meaningful name.

Add content button in Blackboard Content Editor

  1. In the Content Editor click the Add Content button (+ icon) and select Kaltura Media. If you cannot see the Add Content button, click the three dots icon in the top right corner of the Content Editor to reveal full options.

  2. A pop-up window will open enabling you to either select an existing item in your personal My Media library, or upload a new media file to Kaltura.

a) Insert an existing media item:

  • Browse My Media, Media Gallery or Shared Repository to find the relevant media file and click Embed.
  • You can also click the Embed Settings cog icon to change the player type and embed size. The Interactive Transcript Player allows viewers to view an automatically generated transcript underneath the player, and the Player with Downloads available enables viewers to download the video file to view offline (see guidance below).

Selecting the Embed Button on a video found in the Shared Repository when inserting into Blackboard

b)  Upload a new media item:

  • Click Add New, select Media Upload and then select Choose a file to upload to upload a media file from your computer.
  • Enter a Title, Description and add at least one metadata Tag, then click Save and Embed.
  • You can also use Add New to embed a public YouTube video or record a screencast with Kaltura Capture.

Uploading new media to Kaltura using the Add new, Media upload option

  1.  Click Submit to save the new content item.

Please note: if desired, media uploaded to Kaltura in Blackboard can be published into the Shared Repository to make it easily accessible by colleagues across the University.

Kaltura Shared Repository

Embed settings

When selecting a media file to embed in Blackboard, you have the option to change the ‘Embed Settings’. Access Embed Settings by clicking the Cog next to the Embed button.

Kaltura's Embed Setting button, found next to the Embed button when selecting media to insert

The Embed settings allow you change the size of the video player in the Blackboard course, as well as alter the start and end times of the media. Additionally, you can choose to present video content to your students in different ways.

Interactive Transcript Player

The Interactive Transcript Player will display a transcript of the audio to viewers, based on the video’s subtitles. This transcript appears below the video, and is searchable. It allows viewers to navigate to specific points of the video based on keywords or phrases. The transcript can be downloaded or printed by clicking on the relevant icons. Find out more about the Interactive Transcript Player.  

Player with Downloads available

The Player with Downloads available allows viewers to download the video file to view offline. Viewers are still able to watch the video back online via Blackboard, but have the option to download the original video file as uploaded to Kaltura if they wish. Videos can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon on the bottom right hand corner of the player.

The download icon in Kaltura media player

In the case of a video with two video streams (e.g. a Kaltura Capture recording with a screen capture and webcam) only the main video stream will be downloaded. This is whatever feed appears largest in the video player as a default.

Please note: If you wish to use the player with downloads available for a Kaltura video already embedded in a Blackboard course, this video has to be removed and re-added following the guidance above, selecting 'Player with Downloads available' in 'Embed Settings'.

Staff should carefully consider which videos are made available to download, particularly when videos contain sensitive or graphic content. 

Encore recordings are also available to download and view offline via the Echo360 app

Default Player

The default player is the standard video player within Blackboard and doesn’t contain the transcript or download button.