Kaltura Captioning Service

Kaltura offers a captioning service called REACH V2, which provides improved automatic speech recognition, producing captions that require less time to edit.

This is very important to the University as part of our ongoing work to make all of our digital content accessible and inclusive, as all publicly visible video content published on or after 23 September 2020 needs to be captioned. 

The service has the following key features:

  • Improved automatic speech recognition (ASR), which enables more accurate captions to be machine-generated, requiring less time for editing
  • A streamlined editing environment in which you can check and improve captions generated by the ASR process
  • An interactive transcript player, which enables viewers to search and navigate the video from the text captions (see the demo screencast below), as well as downloading or printing the captions
  • An alignment feature, which enables you to upload a text file to a video (e.g. the script), which will then be automatically converted to captions, and aligned to the timing of the video

From 21 September 2020 all new videos uploaded to Kaltura with have automatic speech recognition captions automatically applied. Any videos uploaded before this date can have captions added to them retrospectively by following the guidance below. 

Find out how to order captions in Kaltura Find out how to edit captions in Kaltura

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request captions for multiple videos at a time?

Open My Media, select the checkbox for each of the videos you want to add captions for, and then click Actions and select Caption & Enrich to request the captions.

Screenshot showin My Media, and the ability to select multiple videos to caption using the checkbox

How can I use the Interactive Transcript Player in Blackboard?

Using the Blackboard content editor, click on the Add Content button (+ icon) and select Kaltura Media. Navigate to the video you would like to insert in your course, and click on the Settings cog.

Change the player to the Interactive Transcript Player, and choose your desired embed size. Click Embed to insert the video.

Screenshot displaying the prompt to select the Interative Transcript Player in Blackboard.

Can I use the transcript to find a certain place in a video?

Use the Search box (within the Interactive Transcript Player) to enter keywords, which will highlight any matches within the transcript. If you click on a word within the transcript, Kaltura will then move to the relevant place in the video, and start playing from that point.

How can I save the transcript? 

Transcripts can be saved from the Interactive Transcript Player by clicking the download or print icons.

I teach languages, but I don't want my students to download the video transcript?

Using the Interactive Transcript Player is optional. The default player, which can be selected from the Settings cog in the Kaltura Media window, does not display the transcript. Students would still be able to view any captions by clicking the 'CC' button on the video player, but they would not be able to download them.