Create a video quiz in Blackboard

Any video in Kaltura can be converted into an interactive quiz, including videos imported from YouTube and Kaltura Capture recordings.

Step 1: Select a video

  1. Log into MUSE and open Blackboard.

  2. Click Tell US & Tools from the left hand menu, and select My Media.

  3. Click Add New and select Video Quiz.

  4. Find the video to convert to a quiz and click Select. Kaltura will make a new copy of the video and then launch the Quiz Editor.

  5. Alternatively click Upload Media to add a new video, which can then be converted into a video quiz.

Step 2: Start editing the quiz

Kaltura's Quiz Editor. Video player appears alongside a playback timeline, which options to add a quiz question, preview the quiz and edit quiz settings

  1. Play the video and click the Pause button at the time you want to add a question.

  2. Click Add a Question and choose the required question type: Multiple Choice, True/False, Open-Ended Question or Reflection Point.

Kaltura's quiz question editor. A multiple choice question is shown as an example, with options to shuffle answers, add a hint or solution, save questions, preview the quiz and complete highlighted

  1. Type your question. Ensure it is concise, meaningful and not misleading.

  2. Enter the possible answers. Try to include plausible options but only one answer must be correct.

  3. The answer with the tick is the correct one. By default it is option one, you can use the Shuffle button or manually rearrange to change answer position.

  4. Click the Lightbulb button to add an optional hint, or an explanation for the correct answer.

  5. Click Preview to preview your video quiz.

  6. Click Save to save your question. Repeat the process to add more questions, but do not create multiple questions at the same point in the video, as these will not be visible to viewers.

  7. Click Done when you are finished editing your quiz. 

Step 3: Edit quiz settings

Details: Change quiz name, set a welcome message, and choose whether viewers can download the list of quiz questions before starting.

Scores: Control whether viewers can have multiple attempts, and see their scores and correct answers after they have finished the quiz.

Tip: Unless you have a specific reason for not wanting to display results, you should allow viewers to see their score at the end of the quiz.

Experience: Control whether viewers can change their answers before submitting the quiz, if they can skip questions, and fast forward during playback.

Kaltura's quiz settings menu. Options to edit quiz details, scores and experience are highlighted.

Step 4: Publish a video quiz on Blackboard

  1. Navigate to the content area in your Blackboard course where you want to add the video quiz.

  2. Ensure that Edit Mode is on, click the Assessments menu and select Kaltura Video Quiz.

  3. Find the video quiz you want to add and click Embed.

  4. Give the new content item containing the video quiz a meaningful title.

  5. In the Display of Grades section, choose a Points Possible value.

  6. Click Submit to save.

  7. Student results for the video quiz will be visible in the course’s Grade Centre.

Step 5: View quiz analytics

  1. Click Tell US & Tools on Blackboard’s left hand menu, and select My Media.

  2. Find your video quiz and click on the title.

  3. Click the Actions menu and select Analytics.

  4. The analytics dashboard will provide you with detail such as number of unique viewers and plays, average completion rate, average quiz scores, and quiz results for individual users when the quiz was completed inside Blackboard.

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