How to use the Kaltura video player

Most videos on your Blackboard courses will be played using the Kaltura video player. Have a look at our guide to find out how to get the most out of the player's functionality.

How to use the Kaltura video player

The kaltura player with each feature numbered 1-8, corresponding to the written description

Submitting media work in Blackboard

Kaltura can be used to submit media work within Blackboard. All students can upload audio and video files into a personal media library. Use Kaltura Capture to create screen recordings, or to record video from your webcam.

Access your personal media library in Blackboard

Open Blackboard, and click on Tell US & Tools > My Media to access your personal media library. 

Screencast showing clicking on the Tools > My Media menu in Blackboard

One in you have opened My Media, you can click on the Add New menu to upload media from your computer, or create a new Kaltura Capture screen recording. Video file sizes can be large, so for best results upload media via a university computer, eduroam or a wired network connection.

Submitting Media to a Blackboard Course

Follow the steps below to submit media via Blackboard:

  1. Open Blackboard, and navigate to the relevant course. Find the assignment you need to submit to.
  2. Click the Assignment title to open the submission page.
  3. Click the Write Submission button.
  4. In the text box, click the Add Content + button (you may need to click the Show More dots to display the button). 
  5. Click Kaltura Media, and wait for a new window to appear
  6. Click </> Embed next the media you wish to submit, or click + Add New to upload new media
  7. The media will appear in the Blackboard Content Editor, and can be reviewed at this point
  8. If necessary, add any Attachments using the Attach Files menu (do not add extra text into the Content Editor)
  9. Click Submit to send your media to your tutors. You will be able to review your media after submission. Look out for the submission receipt in your email.

GIF showing the steps to submit Kaltura media for assessment in Blackboard