Submit a media assignment in Blackboard

Find out how to submit a media file for an assessment in Blackboard using Kaltura. Start by accessing your My Media library to upload or create your submission, then find out how to prepare and submit your file using the content editor, and access your marks and feedback once it has been marked.

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Access your personal media library in Blackboard

Your My Media library is your personal ‘store’ where you can upload and access your own media files.

  1. Open Blackboard, click Tell US & Tools.

  2. Select My Media.

The Blackboard homepage with the Tell US & Tools menu highlighted in the left menu. The My Media option is highlighted on the page.

  1. Click on the Add New menu to:

a. Upload media from your computer.

b. Create a new Kaltura Capture screen recording.

The expanded Add New menu in the Kaltura My Media library, showing the options: Media Upload and Kal

Preparing or creating your file for submission

Please refer to your tutor’s assignment instructions for any specific instructions about which method to use to create your file.

Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture can be used to create videos of any combination of your screen, webcam and voice. The resulting video can then be inserted into the Assignment submission point created by your tutor.

Please visit our Kaltura Capture guidance page for further information about creating a recording using the software.

Kaltura Capture

Uploading a file

Video file sizes can be large, so for best results upload media via a university computer on campus, or when connected to eduroam. If you have to upload from home, we recommend using a wired network connection.

Submitting your work

Once you have recorded your Kaltura Capture video or uploaded your video file, you can submit it to the assignment link.

  1. Open Blackboard, navigate to the relevant course, and locate the assignment you need to submit to.

  2. Click the Assignment title to open the submission page.

  3. Click the Create Submission button.

  4. In the text box, click the Add Content + button. You may need to click the Show More (3 dots) to access it.

  5. Click Kaltura Media, and wait for a new window to appear.

The Add content button in the content editor and the expanded menu with Kaltura Media highlighted

  1. Click </> Embed next the media you wish to submit if it has already been uploaded, or click + Add New to upload new media.

  2. The media will appear in the Content Editor, and can be reviewed at this point.

  3. If necessary, add any attachments using the Attach Files menu (do not add extra text into the Content Editor).

  4. Click Submit to send your media to your tutors.

You will be able to review your media after submission. Look out for the submission receipt in your email.

Accessing marks and feedback

Once your work has been marked and any feedback added, you will be able to access it via the original assignment link where you submitted your work.

You can also access any marks awarded for any assignments on the module via the My marks link in the left menu of the Blackboard course.

My marks

Accessing and managing your media in Blackboard

In some cases you may wish to download your videos from Kaltura in order to use them outside of the University's Blackboard system after you graduate.

Downloading your source video file

  1. Log into Blackboard, click Tell Us & Tools, and select My Media.

  2. Access the edit menu of the relevant media via either of the following methods:
  3. a. From your My Media library, click the Edit button (pencil icon).

    b. On the media page, click Actions > Edit under the video player.

Two options of accessing the media edit menu. Option a is via the My media library, option b is via

  1. Click the Download button on the video player. This will download your original ‘source’ video file. (360 days after upload the source file will be deleted, but you will still be able to download a high quality video file that will be comparable quality to the original). You will still be able to play the video back at any time.

The download button is highlighted in the toolbar of the Kaltura video player on the Media Edit page

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