Rubrics, more commonly known as marking or assessment criteria are used to help assess how well a student has performed in a submitted piece of work across a range of competencies. They are often used to assist in assigning a mark to that work. For more information on using assessment criteria, please refer to LeTS (Learning and Teaching Services) toolkit

How to Create a Rubric

From within your Blackboard course, locate the Control Panel, course tools and then select Rubrics.

  1. Click “Create Rubric” and type a name for the rubric.
  2. You can provide a description of the rubric in here which other staff can see.
  3. You will see the main Rubric grid below the description. Rubrics are split into “Criteria” as the vertical axis, and” Levels of Achievement” across the top horizontal axis.
  4. In the toolbar at the top of the grid, to the left, you can choose to add as many rows or columns as you would like for either criteria or levels of achievement.

    Rubric Header

5. In the middle of the toolbar there is a drop down list of Rubric types. These types are split into either a) single values across each competency/level of achievement (the scale headings across the top) or b) a range of values. You will need to choose which Rubric type you would like from the following:

  • No Points: Qualitative style rubric. Provides feedback to the user but no scores
  • Points: Provides a point scale, for example 100,80,60.
  • Point Range: Provides a Range of points for each competency/level of achievement. For example 80-100, 60-80.
  • Percent: Specify a percentage point for each competency/level of achievement. For example 100%, 80% etc.
  • Percentage range: Range of percentage points can be chosen. For example 80%-100%, 60%-80%.
  1. You can adjust the individual weighting of each criteria. Under normal circumstances you would to ensure that the total weight reaches 100%
  2. You can re-order the criteria and levels of achievement rows/columns using the up/down arrows located above their respective columns.
  3. You can rename existing criteria or levels of achievement by selecting the downward chevron to the right of each heading.
    Criteria information
  4. There is a free text box available under each achievement level point. You can use this to fill in descriptors for each one:

  5. Once you have filled in your rubric you can click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
  6. Important: Once you have used a Rubric for grading/marking then you can no longer edit it. However you can copy the Rubric and you can then edit the copy.
  7. From the Rubrics menu in the control panel select the downward chevron to the right of the Rubric you wish to copy. Select “copy”.
  8. Using this contextual menu you can also delete the Rubric. In addition you can also “View associated content”. Selecting this option shows you the assignments

Rubric Allocation