Add embed codes to Blackboard (MOLE)

It is possible to add embed codes to an Item in Blackboard. This allows you embed from external services such as YouTube, Vimeo and Padlet. Different tools have different ways of getting this embed code, and please see the internal help on those sites for obtaining the codes.

Once you have found the embed code on your service of choice, copy it ready to paste into your Blackboard course. You can do this anywhere you can enter text, such as an Item, test question or discussion board post.

Click the HTML button on the text editor as highlighted below. This will show the code for that content item. A tip if you're not used to using HTML is to type a string of text (e.g. 'XXXXX') at the point you want to insert your embedded content, before opening the HTML editor. Find this piece of text in the code, to replace with your copied embed code.

HTML Editor in MOLE

  1. Paste the code you copied from your external provider.
  2. Update
  3. Submit

Note before you press Submit, the preview in the text box will show a yellow box rather than your embedded content. This is normal.

A word of warning

Embedded content can be guaranteed to work optimally in Blackboard, and may not be responsive across all browsers and mobile devices. Also be alert to links breaking or content being removed, for example YouTube videos.