Requesting a site

All University Institutional courses should be listed in the individual department’s Directory of Modules (DOM).

The Directory of Modules is updated by your department’s Admin/Clerical staff so please refer to them if your course is not currently listed.

Directory of Modules 2018-19

Where a course is brand new we will not have any information as to who is the module lead instructor or module administrator. If you are require either of these for this course please use the form below to request access.

Blackboard course request form

If your course ran last year, is running again this year, is listed on this years DOM, and has the same Module Lead Instructor you do not need to request a course as MOLE will create it automatically. You will only need inform us of any staff changes since last year.

Students are added to the course automatically by electronic transfer from the University’s main registration system.

Programme Courses

Programme level courses are designed to replace, where applicable, custom courses. These courses can be used to contain information that is common to a number of modules. These courses will allow staff to have a broader view of the programme, which compliments the normal module view and work towards the institutional directive towards programme level view.

These courses are available on request, and once created students associated with that programme of study will automatically be enrolled after registration.

The courses created will have the same template as the new one utilised by your department

Programme Course Request Form

If your course does not fit into either of the above categories, please email