MOLE Test Student Request Form

If you have a need for a test undergraduate student account, to perform a task that the student preview won't allow you to do, then you can place a request using this form. Please note, you must give a clear and valid reason for your request. Each request is reviewed and there is no guarantee that your request will be successful.

Note that this test user account will not work with Turnitin, as your email address will already be in use for that service.

For security reasons, a maximum of one test account per user is allowed. In placing this request, you agree to remain responsible for all actions performed with this account. You must not share this account with another user.

Please check all your details carefully before submitting, as errors here will result in a failed request. You will receive an email confirming the result of your request. We aim to process these within 5 days.

Click link below submit your request - PLEASE NOTE you must be signed into MUSE to do this

MOLE Test Student Request Form