PebblePad - Sharing Resources

PebblePad allows you to share Resources you have created for others to use. This may include Templates and Workbooks.

Note that sharing Resources for learners' assessment is normally done via ATLAS - see Setting up Assignments for more details.

Sharing Resources

To share a Resource:

  • Log in to Pebble+ (see Accessing PebblePad).
  • On any page, click the 'burger' icon at the top left of the screen. The burger menu icon used to navigate PebblePad
  • Select 'Resource Store'
  • Click on the relevant Resource, and click 'Edit Resource'.
  • On the top right of the screen click 'I want to...'.
  • Click 'Share'.
  • Click 'With People'.

Here you will decide who to share it with, and what access they will have.

  • Under 'Who are you sending this to?', start typing their name in the search box.
  • University colleagues will auto-fill, or select 'Look up PebblePad users', or 'Add a Non-PebblePad user' to share with people outside the University.
  • Check the boxes depending whether you want the recipient to be able to comment on your Resource, or to be able to make their own copy of the Resource which they can edit themselves.
  • Check the box 'Viewed for a specified amount of time' if you want to time limit access to this Asset to the person or people you are sharing it with.

You can add an optional message explaining why you are send it to them.

When finished, click 'Share Asset'.