PebblePad Frequently Asked Questions (student)

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What is the difference between Assets and Resources?
Think of a Resource as a blank form you need to fill in. An Asset is an item you have created in PebblePad, either by filling in a Resource, or uploading a file. See Assets and Resources for more details.

I don't know what a term means in PebblePad.
See the PebblePad Glossary for a list of PebblePad terms. If you are still uncertain, please contact

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Accessing PebblePad

How do I access PebblePad? 
To access PebblePad, login in via MUSE, and find PebblePad in My Services > View all Services. Your tutors may also have put a link to PebblePad in your Blackboard course. See Accessing PebblePad for more details.

I have changed my username and need to access material on my old PebblePad account.
Two accounts can be linked - see Linking Accounts for more details. This needs to be done before your old account expires, if it has please contact the TEL Team for advice at

Can I access my PebblePad work after I graduate?
Yes - you can set up a PebblePad alumni account. Note this needs to be done before your university account expires. See Alumni Accounts for more details.

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Submission of assignments

How do I receive my Resources my tutors have shared with me?

These are accessed in 'Resource Store'. See Receiving Tutors' Resources for more details.

How do I submit my work?

If tutors have chosen for assignments to auto-submit, your work will automatically submit when you first save the Asset (usually created by filling in a Resource). If tutors haven't selected this option, you will have to manually submit the work. See Submitting Work for more details. Note you only have to submit work once, and changes you make will be reflected in your work up to the deadline date.

How do I attach evidence?

See Attaching Evidence for details how to do this.

What file formats can I use as evidence?

PebblePad will accept any file format, but check what type of work your tutors will accept for this particular project, and think about accessibility for your tutors accessing it (for example send standard file formats your tutors will have software to open). Also note there is a file upload limit of 500MB.

How do I receive feedback?

When feedback has been released by your tutors, you will receive notification both in Pebble+ and as an email.