Using Turnitin for electronic submission

To add a Turnitin assignment to your course in Blackboard

  1. Within a Blackboard course navigate to a Content Area
  2. Locate “Assessments” at the top of the content page
  3. Click on “Assessments” and select Turnitin Assignment.

    Turnitin option in Assessments menu
  4. Select ‘Paper Assignment’ and click ‘Next Step’
  5. Fill in the details of the new assignment
  6. Assignment Title: This is the title of the assignment that your students will see on the page for their course
  7. Point Value: This is an optional field. At a later stage you may want to investigate how this can be used with rubrics to give a score. You can just use 100 if the students will be given a percentage score on their assignment
  8. Allow only file types that Turnitin can check for originality VS Allow any file type:
    You will need to select which one of these you want. If the submission will be a Word document, then choose the first option. For any other file type, click the second
  9. Start date: This is the date and time at which students can begin submitting an assignment
  10. Due Date: The deadline for the students’ submissions
  11. Post date: The date and time when your comments and feedback in Grademark are made available to all your students. This is only relevant if you plan to mark on screen
  12. Optional Settings: The settings you choose will depend on whether you are setting a draft assignment or a final submission – the table below outlines some setting examples based on both options
  13. Click Submit.

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