Accessing your PeerMark feedback

With some assignments, tutors may have enabled a peer review element to allow you to give feedback to other members of your group. If your assignment has PeerMark review you can access the feedback in Blackboard.

  1. In your Blackboard course. Locate the peer review assignment link (your tutor should have informed you where this is). It will normally have the words PeerMark Assignment in the title.
  2. Click the "View/complete" button.

    Peermark assessment point
  3. You will then see the assignment inbox, click "Read Reviews". If both your instructor and student(s) have peer reviewed your assignment, it will give you the option of which to view, else you will be taken straight to the student reviews
    Peermark Assessment Inbox
  4. On the document page, you will see your assignment. If it has been annotated this will be shown on the document.
  5. Any annotated comments are shown a quotation icon. Hover over these icons to see what comments have been made.
    Peermark comment
  6. To the right there is a panel. Click the questions tab to view any questions answered as part of the review.
  7. Click the comments tab to list all the annotated comments made on the document.
    Peermark questions panel
  8. If you reviewed another student's paper and your tutor chose to mark this, you can find this in "My grades" from the left hand menu of your Blackboard site.