Getting Started

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is text matching, electronic submission and  feedback software. It is used in the University of Sheffield for Originality checking and as part of something called Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA)

Turnitin allows you to submit your work electronically. You can submit from any desktop or laptop computer whether on or off campus. The software can then look to see if text in the submission has any matches to text, both online and in its extensive essay bank.   

It is used as an aide to plagiarism detection but it cannot detect plagiarism itself. To ascertain whether plagiarism has occurred, Turnitin's Originality Report must be interrogated by an appropriate staff member.

At the University of Sheffield, Turnitin is normally used within a Blackboard course.

What are the benefits of using Turnitin for students?

  • You can submit from your desktop/laptop at any location with an Internet connection
  • You can submit at any time (not restricted to University office hours)
  • You may not have to queue to hand in your assignment (unless you are required to submit both hard and electronic copies)
  • You can receive clear typed feedback electronically and there is also the option for staff to utilise audio feedback. This feedback can be accessed from your desktop/laptop at any location with an Internet connection
  • The Originality Report can be used formatively to help you improve referencing and citation skills.

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