Registration information

Anyone wishing to access the Corporate Information Systems (CIS or CIES) must be set up as an authorised user. This process is managed using RM/3/... forms.

Existing users should also use the RM/3/... forms to request additional or alternative functions. In this instance, please include all current requirements on the form, not just additional items or changes.

The forms available are:

  • RM/3/CIES/3 - for access to the Corporate Information Enquiry System (CIES)
  • RM/3/STU/4 - for access to the Student System on the Corporate Information System (CIS)

The above forms can be downloaded from the 'Download Forms' box on the right.

Completed forms should be returned to the Department of Corporate Information and Computing Services, 10 -12 Brunswick Street, Sheffield S10 2FN