Additional Staff Services on Request 

Access to services


CMS is the content management system, used to edit University web pages. To use CMS you will need to attend training then request and then request access from the site co-ordinator for each site one wishes to access.

Partial list of site co-ordinators


cPanel is a web hosting service with fewer restrictions than the CMS and the ability to use scripting languages. To get access you will need to fill in a paper form and post it to us.

Access to cPanel


CIS refers to the Corporate Information Systems containing staff and student data. CIES is the Corporate Information Enquiry System, which is a web front end to CIS allowing easier searching. To request access to either you will need to fill in a paper form and post it to us.

This will also give you access to uReports, which allows you to run pre-written reports on University data. 

Access to CIS/CIES

Faculty CMIS

Faculty CMIS is the University-wide room allocation and timetabling system. To get access to this you will need to fill in a paper form and post it to us.

Access to Faculty CMIS

Service Requests

Additional filestore

To increase your personal filestore allowance or your departmental shared filestore, contact the CiCS helpdesk on 21111.

Learning and Teaching Services

To request learning and teaching services including desktop lecture capture and video conferencing, use the online super-form.

Access to learning and teaching facilities

Google Group

A Google Group is an email distribution list combined with an online. You can make your own Google groups which are restricted to you or you can request a public group which other people can use. To request a public Google group fill in the online form.

Request Google Group

YoYo Desktop

To request YoYo Desktop, fill out the online form below.

Request YoYo Desktop

Service enhancement requests

Request for new software on University desktop

Teaching staff can request that new software be added to the University Desktop by filling in the online form

Request installation of software

Request for new Google Calendar room or resource

You can add rooms and resources to the University Google Calendar to allow them to be bookable within your department. Fill in the online form

Request room or resource

IT services for groups and non-staff

Generic email address and computer account

Teams can have a shared group computer account with a team email address. To request a generic account fill in the online form

Request generic email account

Conference email address and computer account

You can request temporary UCards and computer accounts in bulk for conference delegates using the online form.

Request conference account

Generic MSP UCard

Departments can request a generic UCard to allow guests of staff to print using MSP.

Request MSP UCard

Wireless network for guests of staff

You can get the pass key for the guest wireless network so that your guests can get online while they are here. To get the key fill in the online form

Guest wireless pass key

Group FTP account

You can create a group FTP account if you regularly need to share large files. Email the ftp manager.

Request group FTP account