Meet the team

Corporate Communication's Green Impact Team are back and more determined than ever to reduce our environmental impact.

AngelaAngela Harvey-Watson

Green Impact Team lead

Angela is passionate about reducing fuel consumption. She walks all short journey in rain or shine, or toddler in tow. She also keeps the heating turned down, at home it is 17-19 degrees centigrade while they're in during the day and 12-15 degrees centigrade when they're in bed at night.

RachelRachel Hughes

The environmental cause Rachel is most passionate about is recycling - no one has an excuse not to do it nowadays! It makes her cringe to see someone put recyclables into a dustbin, as up to 60% of the rubbish that ends up there could be recycled. She believes that through Green Impact we c‚Äčan make a huge difference to the University and to the environment.

KirstyKirsty Bowen

Kirsty decided to reduce her meat and fish consumption two years ago after watching the film, Cowspiracy. She walks to work everyday and uses public transport where possible. Being environmentally conscious and thrifty, her house is usually too cold for most people.

MaddieMaddie Giles

Student Green Impact Project Assistant

Maddie is passionate about living in a more environmentally friendly way and adopting behaviours which make this possible. She is really interested in the creation and implementation of sustainable business practices, and finding new, innovative ways to grow without compromising on sustainability. She believes that the environment should be a priority for everyone.