Our Facilities Management team

Facilities Management creates and sustains a physical environment and service culture that advances and supports teaching and research at the University of Sheffield.

Our academic campus comprises of over 440 buildings which equate to more than 407,000 sq metres. The campus is split into four zones with each having a dedicated Facilities Manager. Facilities Managers are responsible for building receptions, cleaning, event set-ups, moving services, waste removal and recycling.

The Facilities Management team is committed to taking care of our University buildings as well as the needs of the staff, students and learning programmes within them.

In delivering facilities management services we strive to provide efficient and effective operations across the campus and we continually review service arrangements to ensure we are delivering value to the University of Sheffield.

Faculty of Engineering and Zone 1

Mark HarrisonMark Harrison - Facilities Manager

Contact details: 29208 / Mob:  07500065781

E-mail: m.harrison@sheffield.ac.uk

Faculty of Science and Zone 3

BeatriceBeatrice Taylor - Facilities Manager

Contact details: 28915

Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Zone 2

EmmaEmma Harper - Facilities Manager

Contact: 29215 / Mob: 07769242451
E-mail: e.harper@Sheffield.ac.uk

Libraries and Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health and Zone 4

Kris FieldhouseKris Fieldhouse - Facilities Manager

Contact details: 07764 807164
E-mail: K.Fieldhouse@Sheffield.ac.uk


The purpose of the Facilities Management team is to provide a high quality campus environment for our students, staff and visitors in support of the University’s mission of world class research and teaching.