Unfortunately, we will not be offering HEAR for the academic year 2020-21.

Higher Education Achievement Report - (limited to undergraduate students) Click here for more information

About HEAR

For a course to be included on your HEAR you must first opt in. This means you fill in an opt-in form that states you want a specific course included. DLP opt-in forms can be found in the download boxes on the right.

Once you have opted in to have a course included on your HEAR, you will then have to attend at least 80% of this course, and submit 4 pieces of written work for DLP courses, for it to be included on your HEAR.

DLP (Departmental Language Programme) 

Eligibility for the HEAR programme 

HEAR is only applicable to undergraduates who are studying for a full qualification at the University of Sheffield, and arrived at Sheffield in or after September 2012. Incoming Study Abroad and Erasmus students will not therefore receive a HEAR. However, Study Abroad and Erasmus students will be able to access their results online in the same way as all other undergraduate students, and will also, at a later point, be issued with an official statement of results confirming their achievements during their period of study at Sheffield.

Classroom Assistants - This role is not available during 2020-21.

Unfortunately, we are not accepting Classroom Assistant applications during 2020-21. If you have an enquiry please email: eltc.support@sheffield.ac.uk. 

If you are interested in:

  • international activities
  • languages
  • teaching and learning activities
  • volunteering
  • work experience

you may be interested in volunteering as a Classroom Assistant for our Partners' English classes. If so, please read this information sheet for more details.

To sign up as a Partners' English Classroom Assistant, please download and complete both sections of the application form below:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2