Higher Education Achievement Report - (limited to undergraduate students) Click here for more information

About HEAR

For a course to be included on your HEAR you must first opt in. This means you fill in an opt-in form that states you want a specific course included. ELS and DLP opt-in forms can be found in the download boxes on the right.

Once you have opted in to have a course included on your HEAR, you will then have to attend at least 80% of this course, and submit a reflective journal (for ELS courses), or 4 pieces of written work (for DLP courses) for it to be included on your HEAR. A download box on the right contains a reflective journal sample.

English Language Support courses that can be included as part of HEAR

  • ELS (English Language Support) - Click here for more information
  • DLP (Departmental Language Programme) - Click here for more information

Eligibility for the HEAR programme 

HEAR is only applicable to undergraduates who are studying for a full qualification at the University of Sheffield, and arrived at Sheffield in or after September 2012. Incoming Study Abroad and Erasmus students will not therefore receive a HEAR. However, Study Abroad and Erasmus students will be able to access their results online in the same way as all other undergraduate students, and will also, at a later point, be issued with an official statement of results confirming their achievements during their period of study at Sheffield.

Classroom Assistants

If you are interested in:

  • international activities
  • languages
  • teaching and learning activities
  • volunteering
  • work experience

you may be interested in volunteering as a Classroom Assistant for our Partners' English classes. If so, please read this information sheet for more details.

To sign up as a Partners' English Classroom Assistant, please download and complete both sections of the application form below:

Please return your completed application to eltc.support@sheffield.ac.uk by Monday 14th October 2019.