Postgraduate Induction Course  

 Registration to open August 2018.

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The Postgraduate Induction Course, known as the PIC, is a course developed for all new Doctoral Research Students commencing research in the Faculty. The next course will be delivered over 7 working days from Thursday 4th October 2018  to Friday 12th October 2018 and is open to students who started their research degree from March 2018.

It has been designed to introduce you to many of the core skills and experiences you are expected to gain during the course of your research degree.

A Timetable will be available to download from the right hand side of this page, and you can view an interactive map of the University by clicking the following link

Course Content

The PIC is recommended for all new Doctoral Research students, and we suggest you opt out of only those parts of the course which are not relevant to you. If however, you wish to attend selected sessions, this is also possible. Please note that some of the sessions are compulsory for all students.

The following is a list of course topic:  


By the end of the course, you will be better adapted to the research environment, have acquired basic research skills such as how to do a literature search, and developed key skills (e.g. scientific thinking, critical appraisal, data handling) and understanding appropriate for your research programme.

What previous PIC participants said:

Students who have attended previous courses have said that they enjoyed the course, learned a lot from it, that they had acquired and developed skills that would be useful to them in the future, and would recommend the course to other students.

"It was lovely to meet other students and put faces to names of staff in the Faculty that I had been in contact with so far.  I had up until the PIC felt quite isolated, so this really made me feel more a part of the University"

"It helped me to develop networking and know about the DDP"

"The course was very informative especially for a student who has recently joined and not know much about the University"

"It was a very good course to start with.  It helps me to be more orientated about my PhD journey"

“The Departmental induction was very useful as it was a concise time period of an hour but gave valuable information about deadlines etc”

"A very useful course - The Think Ahead session was really interesting and opened eyes for a lot of options post PhD"

"I am an international overseas student, not used to the University of Sheffield's routine.  The course was very useful to get started to the procedures and also to know the different resources available to the students and how to access them"

"Great opportunity to meet future colleagues"