Supplementary Information


Appendix Title Appendix Number
Finance Department Structure SIA 1
Travel and Business Expenses Regulations SIA 2
Exceptions to the Financial Regulations in relation to The Deal Recognition Awards SIA2a
Treasury Management Policy Statement SIA 3
Major Changes or updates to the Financial Regulations SIA 4
Policy for Creation, Disposal and Governance of University Companies SIA 5
Policy on Academic Departmental and Faculty Level Specific Reserves  SIA 6
Authority to Write off Debts & give Refunds SIA 7
Delegated Authority to sign Income contracts SIA 8
Fees and other charges to students SIA 9
Research Grants and Contracts Supplementary information SIA 10
Intellectual Property Supplementary information SIA 11
Short Courses and Conferences Supplementary information SIA 12
Services Rendered, Consultancy, Self Financing Units & Contributions to University expenses SIA 13
Donations, Bequests and Legacies SIA 14
Reserves Supplementary information SIA 15
Procurement Procedures and Tendering SIA 16
Ordering and paying for goods and services from suppliers SIA 17
Petty Cash procedures SIA 18
Property, Leases, Rates & Equipment SIA 19
Insurance procedures and cover SIA 20
Inducements, Bribery, Fraud and Corruption SIA 21
Capital Expenditure Governance Procedures SIA 22
Cash Handling Policy SIA 23
Policy on Gifts and Hospitality SIA 24
Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Policy SIA 25
Policy and Procedures for Off Payroll Working (IR35) SIA 26
The University Seal SIA 27