Ordering goods and services

The uBASE system is used to purchase goods and services. Access to uBASE is restricted by profile to authorised users who have been trained to use the system.  The profile required to process a purchase requisition and create the purchase order is ‘Orderer’.

Every purchase order created must have a VAT code. This code is referred to as a Tax Code in uBASE and is used by the Tax section each quarter to produce the VAT return which is submitted to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The VAT code also helps the tax team to understand where VAT costs are being incurred across the University so that we can target our efforts in minimising these costs.

You can access the purchasing Tax Codes directly in uBASE or with additional guidance on usage on the VAT codes for expenditure and the VAT decision tree for expenditure.

Further guidance and information about purchasing is also available for:


Need help or more information?

Who to contact
If you need advice or guidance on which VAT code to use for purchasing goods and services from UK suppliers then contact the Tax section before making your purchase.