The Annual Internal Audit Plan

The annual plan for the University is determined each year through discussions with senior University management.

The contents of the plan are identified by reviewing key risks facing the University, areas that have not been subject to recent audit coverage and the implications of changes in the University’s external environment.

Some areas that are considered high risk or high priority may be covered within the annual plan on a regular basis, as will those areas that need to be subject to internal audit to satisfy external compliance requirements.

The plan is subsequently presented to Audit Committee for input and approval.

The Internal Audit Strategic and Operational Plan 2018/19 - 2020/21 can be downloaded from the Downloads Box on this page. The proposed timing of the 2018/19 audits is shown in section 4, the Operational Plan for 2018/19, on page 13 of the document. The document is only available to University of Sheffield staff.

If your department or functional area is due to be audited in the year, the Internal Audit team will contact you, prior to the start of each year, to notify you of the audit and to schedule a time during the year that is most convenient for the audit to take place.

Any member of staff can suggest an area for inclusion within the audit plan. All suggestions will be considered when the plan is prepared, within the proposed number of audit days to be provided by the internal audit function. The draft plan is subject to final approval by Audit Committee.

If you wish to suggest an area for audit coverage please contact the Internal Audit Senior Manager.


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