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The Expenses Team are responsible for the payment of Staff Expenses (mainly via the online system) each month. The Expenses Team are also responsible for Non-Staff Expenses, including, but not limited to: Student payments, foreign expenses, interview expenses, conference fees and travel and accommodation Expenses for Non-Staff members.   

These pages are to help users  find information and guidance on their personal Expenses claims.

Use our quick links below to find useful information regarding Expenses.

Clarification on Expense types involving meals - Staff Expenses:

When should I use:

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Evening meals - This expense type should be used when a member of Staff purchases a meal away from the University whilst wholly and exclusively on University business. The meal must be only for the staff member claiming and an itemized receipt must be obtained in order for this expense to be reimbursed.
  • Subsistence (SUBS/SUBO) - When a member of staff is claiming a daily "rate" or "allowance" whilst wholly and exclusively on University business. See Daily Subsistence Rate.
  • Hospitality (HOSP) - This should be used when any part of a cost relating to a meal is incurred on behalf of someone external to the University. The claimant must provide the third party's full name(s) and organization(s) for this expense to be reimbursed.

Important changes to Online Staff Expenses:

From August 2017, we have started the transition to scanning and attaching receipts to your Online Staff Expense Claims.  You will know when to start following this process when you receive an email from your department with guidance on the change.  For more information on the changes and the new process, please read the guides or watch the videos available on the Expenses webpages.

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For more information on how to configure your browser settings, visit the IT Services information on browsers webpage.  

Other Useful links

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