Travel and Accommodation Allowance

Where overnight accommodation is essential for University business we will pay reasonable expenses covering:

  • the cost of the room
  • evening meal
  • breakfast
  • one reasonable private telephone call per night

Where meals are not taken in the hotel, separate restaurant receipts should be obtained, or alternatively staff may claim subsistence allowances see below.

Staff should note that items of a personal nature such as mini-bar drinks or video hire will not be reimbursed by the University. Where these items are included on a bill, which is to be settled directly by the member of staff, the costs should be deducted by the claimant prior to the submission of the claim for reimbursement.

Where the bill is paid by the University direct (as on certain overseas bookings) the cost of prepaid items will be covered (accommodation and food) and the member of staff must settle all other costs incurred on checking out.

Fixed Rate Subsistence Allowances

The Fixed Rate Subsistence Allowance can be claimed as an allowance towards the cost of your meals while you are travelling on University business, if you are more than 5 miles from your usual workplace.

The maximum rates of the meal allowance that HMRC permits the University to pay will depend on the period of time you spend on the business journey, away from your usual place of work.

These are set out at Appendix 3 to the Travel and Business Expenses Regulations

You should note that to claim the maximum allowance for travel time over 15 hours, your journey must have continued beyond 8 PM that evening.

Important changes to Family and Friends allowance

The University's policy that members of Staff can claim £25 a night in lieu of subsistence if they stay with Family or Friends has been withdrawn for University employees from 01 June 2016.

The Expenses Team will not be permitted to reimburse Family and Friends Allowance with effect for all claims submitted from 01 June 2016.

This follows wider changes to HMRC rules governing the reimbursement of business expenses from 05 April and the withdrawal of all employer specific agreements with HMRC from that date

If you have any queries regarding this then please contact the Expenses Team.

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