Casual Workers

The University cannot always predict the exact staffing levels it will require given the seasonal nature of the work the University does. The University therefore operates a bank for Casual workers.

A Casual worker is defined as someone who has agreed to the "Registration Agreement for Casual Work". They may be called upon, often at short notice, to ascertain their availability to undertake a "work session".

Individuals can reject work (even after having originally agreed to undertake the work) and the UoS is under no obligation to provide or guarantee work.
A Worker will accrue statutory employment rights during engagement periods only.

Casual workers - Process Index

The Process Index provides full guidance for both Casual workers and Employers on their rights and responsibilities. The index also provides information on how Casual workers are paid and how to a Casual worker should claim any Expenses incurred whilst undertaking works for the University.

Please note all Casual workers should claim Expenses using a Staff claim form and should not attempt to submit Expenses through the myJob portal.

Casual workers - Payment of Casual workers

Casual workers are paid on the Casual Payroll on a monthly basis and has the same pay day as the Main University Payroll.
It is important that any timesheets are sent in before Payroll deadline day such that they can be inputted in time for the Payroll run. For information on deadline dates and payment dates see our "Payroll and Expenses Processing Dates".

Casual workers - Where should I send my Timesheets?

If a Department has employed Casual workers it may have recorded the hours worked via a timesheet. The timesheet should be given to Department who should then collate all timesheets into a spreadsheet. Please then e-mail the Spreadsheets to or alternatively, post them to:

Payroll Office
Department of Finance
University of Sheffield
Firth Court
Western Bank
Sheffield S10 2TN  

Please do not send the timesheets to the Payroll Office as they will be sent back to Department.

Casual workers - Changing my details

As a Casual worker you are required to inform Human Resources if your details change. These include:

  • Change in email address
  • Change in home address
  • Changes to you bank account
  • Changes to your tax circumstances

Should you need to change any of these details please email

Please note that if you are changing the bank account into which you are paid please complete the "Bank and Tax Details Change Form" and return this by email to the address given above.

Please note you must follow the above steps even if you are a University of Sheffield Student, please do not update your details via MUSE, Casual Payroll runs on a system separate from the MUSE portal.