Module and Programme Evaluation

Whilst you are a student, you will have opportunities to formally evaluate the quality of your programme of study and its individual units. Student evaluation is an essential part of assuring the quality of teaching and provides essential feedback on your experiences of your programmes of study. The Department continuously evaluates the quality of its teaching programme and modules. One of the most important methods of doing so is by asking students to comment on the modules they have taken, the work involved at a particular level, and the composition of our degree programmes as a whole.

Module evaluation

Towards the end of every module you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire, evaluating the extent to which the module has fulfilled its objectives. This will ask for your responses to standard questions using a rating scale, but will also give you the opportunity to provide more detailed responses or free-form comments.

It goes without saying that you should raise any issues that you have with your teaching and learning at the earliest opportunity with relevant staff or with your Academic Reps. Do not wait until the end of a module to raise such issues.

Course evaluation

Towards the end of the academic year you will also be asked to provide us with feedback on a whole year (level) of your programme. Students about to graduate are asked to look back over the full programme of their degree course.

The issues raised in the module and course evaluations are considered systematically by module convenors, Programme Leads, the Director of Undergraduate Programmes, the Teaching and Learning Committee and the Student/Staff Committee.

The department will also provide students with feedback on the issues that students have raised through the evaluation process and how these are being addressed.

The student voice is an essential part of helping to maintain the quality of teaching and learning provision. Quality reviews of departments’ teaching and learning consistently demonstrate ways in which student feedback often does lead to changes being made to units and programmes.

Participating in other evaluation processes

Each year, final year students participate in the nationwide National Student Survey. This evaluates student satisfaction their course as well as with the broad range of University services, for example, library and IT facilities, and also includes questions on academic support. The NSS is an independent survey of all HE institutions that compiles institution, subject and course level data. NSS data is published by the Office for Students at

Further information about the National Student Survey is available at: