Workshop #7: Mentoring Career Changes 

11th September 2018 (12.30-13.30, Firth Court Council Room)
Mentoring Career Changers | Facilitator: Rachael Roberts & Darcey Gillie (Careers Advisers for Researchers)

The seventh 1h mentoring techniques workshop in this year's series will take place on 11th September. The full mentor workshop series details can be found here.

The workshops have been designed to respond to the needs of our TUoS mentor groups. They are all run over lunchtimes throughout the year. As a mentor you will be invited to these 1h skills development sessions in order to offer you chances to refresh your practice (especially if it's a while since you did the induction training) and stay current and relevant in your mentoring. They are also a good chance to meet other mentors and discuss anything you've been stuck with, or wondering about.

Mentoring a researcher who wants to change career can present all sorts of challenges - for you and for them. In this session we'll discuss the concerns and issues that career changers and those who mentor them have identified, introduce strategies and techniques to enable you to confidently engage with this group and highlight resources and additional support that your mentees can access.

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Feedback from previous workshops:

“Just another one of your life-changing lunchtime workshops, thank you!”

“These are excellent opportunities that allow us to reflect and improve. The support of us mentors ensures we engage in the programme year-on-year!”