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Teaching and Learning Resource Development

Academic Departments

University of Sheffield students can help support University teaching, by working collaboratively with a member of staff for a significant period of time in order to plan and develop resources for teaching and learning activities. Typically, this work may involve researching and analysing information and ideas, developing creative ideas, critically reviewing existing teaching and learning material and producing resources for teaching and learning activities in a variety of media (e.g. written, visual, audio, experimental). Teaching support allows students to gain experience and develop skills in the following areas: working collaboratively with a staff member; working independently and using initiative; information research; organisation; communication; critical analysis and evaluation. Applications for teaching support activities are advertised as required, to students at the University with relevant experience.

What we can verify for your HEAR

Name Who can do it? Criteria When added to HEAR?
Teaching and Learning Resource Development If you are engaged with teaching and learning development you gain recognition for supporting teaching and learning at the University, provided that you complete a defined project to the satisfaction of the lead member of staff, as determined by the agreed objectives, working methods (e.g. attendance, organisation), timescales and quality of output.

Contact Email: Please speak to the staff member leading the project