A little boy with a surprised expression on his face
A little boy with a surprised expression on his face

Verbal deception study

Children with good memories are better liars, research shows

20 June 2015: Children who benefit from a good memory are much better at covering up lies, researchers from the University have discovered.

Understanding verbal memory

Robotics research network

Sheffield to help drive forward robotics research

24 June 2015: Robotics experts at the University are set to take a key role in driving forward the UK’s robotics research.

Boosting UK robotics
A Zeno robot at the University of Sheffield
Nick Bridge, British Ambassador to the (OECD) with the Vice Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett at the AMRC.

Regional growth discussions

OECD visits Sheffield

24 June 2015: The British Ambassador to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) visited our AMRC to discuss regional economic growth.

Unlocking productivity

Expert comment

G7: Greek economy needs much more than just a debt deal

Our experts in entrepreneurship argue that Greek debt will not be tackled by cutting government spending alone.

Greek economy
The Greek flag

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