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Our research culture

Excellent research requires an excellent research environment. We're working hard to develop our research culture and foster a community of inclusion, support and collaboration.

We're building a research culture you can thrive in

At Sheffield, we're proud of our open, inclusive and supportive culture of research.

It's nurtured and developed by colleagues across the University, embracing researchers and research-enabling staff at every career stage.

Like all institutions, however, we know there is still work to do.

We are listening to our research community, piloting new and innovative approaches, and establishing strategic leadership and accountability to grow even further.

Together, we're transforming our research culture for the better and creating an environment we all can thrive in.

What is research culture?

“Research culture encompasses the behaviours, values, expectations, attitudes and norms of our research communities. It influences researchers’ career paths and determines the way that research is conducted and communicated.”

The Royal Society's definition of research culture

Our vision for research

We will advance a culture of research excellence underpinned by innovative training and dedication to researcher development and wellbeing.

Strategic priorities for research

Our commitment to developing a positive research culture

We have made a series of public commitments to develop our research culture, and our good practices have been widely recognised.

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Questions or ideas?

If you want to know more about our research culture work, get involved or provide feedback, please get in touch.

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Two masters students working together with books