Steering Board for Research Culture

With representation from colleagues across the University, the Steering Board provides leadership and coordination to develop our research culture.


Introduction from the Chair

“At Sheffield, research excellence means that how we conduct our research, the environment we create and how we support our research community are just as important as the outputs we produce and the impacts we achieve. 

Colleagues at Sheffield are actively engaged in fantastic projects and initiatives that enhance our research culture and generate best practice. In many areas, we are at the forefront of our sector in this work.  

We need to ensure that we have a full understanding of the myriad of activities across our institution, strategically utilise internal and external funding to facilitate our work, bring groups of colleagues together and communicate and implement their findings and recommendations.

The Steering Board for Research Culture has been established to provide this oversight and coordination role, with representatives from across our faculties and professional service departments. 

I look forward to working with Board members and engaging with colleagues across our University on this crucial agenda.”

Professor John Flint

Chair of the Steering Board for Research Culture


The Steering Board is responsible for:

  • Developing a definition of the main aspects of a positive research culture that the University aspires to whilst aligning with the institutional definition of research excellence and the research strategy delivery plan.
  • Identifying strategic priorities for use of ‘Enhancing Research Culture’ funding from Research England and ensuring learning and good practice are disseminated and embedded.
  • Reviewing outcomes from research culture surveys, focus groups and other activities undertaken in order to develop strategic recommendations for the University.
  • Maintaining an awareness of external developments in this area from both government and funders, but also our peer institutions.
  • Sharing and promoting successful activities for enhancing our research culture and in particular approaches to generous and inclusive leadership.
  • Including and consulting with the full range of people involved in developing a research culture that supports research and innovation excellence.
  • Making recommendations to SRIC that enable and support a vibrant research culture at the University of Sheffield.


Chair: Professor John Flint

Secretary: Kathrine Jensen (Strategic Projects Officer, Research, Partnerships and Innovation)

Research, Partnerships and Innovation representative: Dr Meera Warrier (Assistant Director - Researchers and Culture, Research, Partnerships and Innovation)

Technician representative: Bronte Elliott (Science)

Research Hub representative: Dr Katherine Ford (MDH hub)

HR representative: Hannah Morgan (Head of Organisational Development)

Open Research representative: Tom Stafford (Research Practice Lead)

Researcher Development representative: Lucy Lee (Head of Researcher Development)

Postgraduate Researcher representative: Eleanor RA Hyde (Psychology)

Postdoctoral/Early Career Researcher representative: Ameera Jailani (MDH)

Mid-Career Researcher representative: Ryan S Powell (Social Sciences)

Faculty Director of One University representative: Professor Cathy Shrank (Arts and Humanities)

Faculty Director of Research and Innovation representative: Professor Ruth Blakeley (Social Sciences)

Academic Head of Department representative: Professor Tom Baldwin (School of Languages and Cultures)

Faculty PGR lead representative: Professor Andy Furley (Science)

Library representative: Anna Grigson (Associate Director, Digital Strategies, Research and Engagement)

Member duties

Steering Board members will:

  • Represent their staff group and/or community
  • Seek the views of the wider group for input to the steering group
  • Act as an advocate for a positive research culture and environment and share research culture aspirations with the wider community
  • Ensure alignment of the outputs of the steering group with local and institutional strategies and initiatives

Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or ideas on the Steering Board and its work, please email

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