Students vote University of Sheffield's Students' Union best in the UK

23 March 2017: The University of Sheffield's Students' Union has been voted best in the UK for the ninth year in a row by the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2017, with the University ranked number one in the Russel​l​ Group.

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Bladder cancer clinical trial

Bladder cancer clinical trial to help patients with life-changing decision

16 March 2017: A pioneering clinical trial led by scientists at the University of Sheffield will help bladder cancer patients who are faced with a life-changing decision during treatment.

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Egg mythbuster: Why some eggs are pear shaped

3 March 2017: Guillemot eggs are widely considered as one of the most beautiful and extraordinary eggs in the bird world and now scientists have debunked a centuries-old myth about why they have such a peculiar shape.

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Guillemot birds

Comment: Open to the world?

Our President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Keith Burnett, discusses why it is essential for UK universities to remain open to the world post-Brexit.

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Professor Sir Keith Burnett, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield