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The University is an independent corporation whose legal status derives from a Royal Charter granted in 1905.

Its objectives, powers and governance framework are set out in the Charter and its supporting Statutes.

The University's Charter requires the existence of the following bodies:

The Council

The University's Council is the governing body of the University, responsible for the strategic development and overall performance of the University's business.

Council membership comprises lay and academic persons appointed under the Statutes of the University, the majority of whom are non-executive. Much of the work of Council is carried out through formally constituted committees.

The minutes of Council meetings are available on the Council web page.

The Senate

The Senate is the academic authority, whose role is to direct and regulate the teaching and research work of the University.

Its membership is drawn mainly from the academic staff of the University. Much of the work of Senate is carried out through formally constituted committees.

The minutes of Senate meetings are available on the Senate web page.

The Faculties

The University's five faculties are responsible for teaching, research and examining of subjects within departments and for regulating admission of students to them.

Faculties also make recommendations to the Senate on the award of degrees, fellowships and prizes as well as on academic staff appointments and promotions.

Officers of the University

As well as requiring the existence of the above bodies, the Charter also requires there to be a number of specific Officers:

The Chancellor is formally the lay head of the University and attends on a number of special occasions, including degree ceremonies. Other lay officers comprise the Pro-Chancellors, one of whom acts as Chair of Council, and the Treasurer.
The President & Vice-Chancellor, assisted by a Provost & Deputy Vice-Chancellor and seven Vice-Presidents, is the chief academic and executive officer of the University. He is Chair of Senate, is responsible for the executive management of the University and is accountable to Council for the exercise of these functions. The President &  Vice-Chancellor undertakes his responsibilities for the operational running of the University with the support of senior executive colleagues who meet weekly as the University Executive Board.

For the session 2017-18 the Officers of the University are:

Chancellor The Right Honourable Lady Justice Rafferty, DBE
Chair of Council/Pro-Chancellor Mr Tony Pedder
President & Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett
Pro-Chancellor Mrs Alison Hope
Pro-Chancellor Mr Richard Mayson
Treasurer Mr David Young
Provost & Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Gill Valentine
Vice-President for Education Professor Wyn Morgan
Vice-President for Research & Innovation Professor Dave Petley
Vice-President & Head of Faculty (Arts & Humanities) Professor Susan Fitzmaurice
Vice-President & Head of Faculty (Engineering) Professor Mike Hounslow
Vice-President & Head of Faculty (Medicine, Dentistry & Health) Professor Dame Pamela Shaw
Interim Vice-President & Head of Faculty (Science) Professor Craig Watkins
Interim Vice-President & Head of Faculty (Social Sciences) Professor Craig Watkins
University Secretary and Director of Strategy and Governance Dr Tony Strike