Council Senior Remuneration Committee

Reports to the Council.


Terms of Reference

1. To be responsible for ensuring compliance with the HE Senior Staff Remuneration Code and related Office for Students requirements in relation to senior pay.

2. To be responsible for the development and implementation of the University’s Executive Reward Policy, including the Executive Performance Scheme.

3. To determine on appointment and review at least annually, the remuneration and benefits of the President and Vice-Chancellor.

4. To determine on appointment and review at least annually, after receiving input from the President and Vice-Chancellor, the remuneration and benefits of the members of the University Executive Board.

5. To receive and review pay multiple data which demonstrate the relationship between the President and Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration and University employees, in line with the HE Senior Staff Remuneration Code and Office for Students publication requirements.

6. To regularly review and be consulted on the proposed remuneration package of specific senior roles (as determined by the Committee), including those with a basic pay of £150,000 or more.

7. To receive annually details of roles with basic pay earnings of £100,000 or more, in line with Office for Students publication requirements.

8. To periodically receive information on the remuneration and composition of Professorial and Professorial equivalent staff as determined by the Committee.

9. To assess and monitor gender and ethnicity pay equality across the University Executive Board, including evaluating the impact on the University’s gender and ethnicity pay and bonus gap of any remuneration decisions made.

10. To receive and review annually a summary of the individual business-related expenses for University Executive Board members, so that the Committee can be assured that the University’s Travel and Business Expenses Regulations are being applied effectively.

11. To determine and review from time to time, the overall parameters for settlement and early retirement arrangements for all staff.

12. To regularly review the numbers and costs of financial settlements and early retirement costs for all staff.

13. To review and, after seeking legal advice, determine any severance packages for University Executive Board members.

14. To provide assurance of the University’s executive level succession plans.

15. To delegate to any two of the following, as appropriate, the approval of financial settlements and early retirement charges, within the overall agreed parameters: the President and Vice-Chancellor, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Director of Human Resources and one of the Vice-Presidents. Any exceptions to be agreed by at least two members of the Senior Remuneration Committee, being fully cognisant of the facts of the situation.

16. In its consideration of all forms of payment, reward and severance to staff within its remit, to consider the interests of the institution and to have regard for the public interest and the safeguarding of public funds.

Reports to


Membership 2023-24


Martin Temple

Ex-officio members

The Pro-Chancellors

Martin Temple (see above)

Claire Brownlie

Adrian Stone

The Treasurer

Rob Memmott

Lay member of the Council

Philip Rodrigo (2021-24)

In attendance

Head of Reward

Suzanne Duke


A member of the Human Resources Executive

Rob Gower


Three members of the Committee.


The President and Vice-Chancellor's remuneration is determined by the independent Council Senior Remuneration Committee, which comprises of lay members of Council.

This Committee carefully reviews performance and the comparator market in determining remuneration levels.

The President and Vice-Chancellor is not a member of the Remuneration Committee and is not involved in any decision around his own remuneration.

The Chair is assumed by another lay member when any decision on the remuneration of the President and Vice-Chancellor is made.

​​Details of the President and Vice-Chancellor's remuneration are published annually in the University's financial statements.

The University of Sheffield is fully committed to adhering to all of the principles within the HE Senior Staff Remuneration Code.


Senior Remuneration Report 2022-23 (PDF)

Executive Reward Policy (PDF)

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