University Council

Glass window, Firth Court

There shall be a Council of the University which shall be the University's governing body with responsibility for the management of the University and the conduct of all the University's affairs.

University Charter, Article 4

The University's Charter of Incorporation establishes Council as the governing body with statutes governing both its composition and the extent of its powers, supplemented by the detailed provisions of regulations.

The Council is responsible for overseeing the discharge of the University's legal and regulatory responsibilities as well as the strategic development and overall performance of University business. It does this in a number of ways, for example through designated sub-committees.

The Our plan web pages outline the University's strategic vision and development. You can also read about the Statutes of the University (pdf, 153KB).



Recruitment – in the Council membership framework (pdf)

Induction and members' information for 2020-21

The University provides new Council members and new lay members of University Committees with a variety of material intended to provide an introduction to the University and the wider higher education sector and which is available to all members for reference throughout their term of office:

Information for members of the Council