University Secretary's Office

The role of the University Secretary’s Office is to oversee the overall effectiveness of the University’s governance and compliance structures and to ensure the integrity of the conduct of the University in pursuit of its strategic goals and ambitions. The office provides independent advice to the Council, the Senate, the President and Vice-Chancellor and the executive leadership and ensures they gain the advice and assurances required to fulfil their statutory and regulatory responsibilities.

The Office’s responsibilities include work in the area of strategy development, policy and legal advice, key performance indicators, risk management, data protection, freedom of information and records management. The office co-ordinates responses to sector consultations, works to influence and support higher education policy development nationally and supports initiatives in the University to innovate and change practice in pursuit of the University Strategy.

University Secretary

Dr Tony Strike is the University Secretary.

As University Secretary, Tony works to ensure the highest standards of governance in liaison with the Chair of Council, President and Vice-Chancellor, University Executive Board members and Professional Services Directors.

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