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Ambitious Plans. Made Together.

Working with partners to make the region healthier, greener, more vibrant and innovative for all.

Real world partnerships

Working with organisations and individuals across South Yorkshire we’ve created the Made Together programme: a major University of Sheffield regeneration initiative with a dedicated team of staff and a clear brief to do four things: make our region healthier, greener, more vibrant and innovative for all. 

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Developing Infrastructure

We’re working with partners to regenerate the region by investing in spaces and technology, transforming key public places in the city and making sure that South Yorkshire keeps its crown as a world-leading advanced manufacturing hub.

Building Stronger Communities

Lasting regeneration of the South Yorkshire region must reach beyond the usual beneficiaries to re-energise and involve all communities and corners of the region. 

Trusted Civic Partner

Working in partnership with Barnsley Hospital

Emma Peet won the UK Student Nurse of the Year award while studying at the University of Sheffield and working in collaboration with Barnsley Hospital.

Off the Shelf Festival of Words

Off the Shelf Festival of Words is one of the largest literary festivals in the UK. Every year we bring the biggest names in literature, media and the arts to Sheffield, celebrating books, words and ideas. Watch our 2022 highlights. 

South Yorkshire Sustainabilty Centre

Working with partners across the South Yorkshire region to solve sustainability challenges and help to provide jobs, skills and economic opportunities.

Live Works architecture projects