MRC Festival

Our role in the city and region

Our expertise and passion is helping shape a culturally and economically vibrant city region.

Improving talent development and skills

We're committed to raising skills across the region through our placement, apprenticeship and widening participation activity alongside support for local employers to access talented graduates.

Enhancing the urban environment

We’re working with regional partners to drive urban development across our campus and the heart of the city, alongside growth of the Sheffield City Region Innovation district.

Supporting community projects

Informed by local voices, we're working to make a positive difference to people's lives by delivering projects and initiatives which support communities and organisations across the region.

The University as a role model

Driving economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits is part of our DNA. As a civic institution, historically created ‘for the people’, the University has a responsibility to act as a trusted role model and partner within the region.

Off the Shelf Festival of Words

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Magnomatics: Placing talent within industry