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Thousands of students and staff from the University of Sheffield live in local communities across our city. Whether through volunteering, supporting local businesses or organising and attending events, they are integral to the economic health and vibrancy of Sheffield's neighbourhoods

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Community relations advice to students

Download our community relations leaflet - distributed to all students living in the community.

Covid-19 (revised: 01/10/2020)

We are working to ensure our students are aware of their social responsibility to help stop the spread of Covid-19 by ensuring good conduct and behaviours and following the relevant University, Government and NHS guidance and laws. This includes:

  1. Wearing a mask on public transport, in shops and supermarkets, and in other indoor spaces on and off campus (unless for health or other exemptions)
  2. Maintaining social distancing with anyone who is not in the same household at all times
  3. Using sanitisers after touching surfaces and doors, and washing hands when upon arrival on campus or getting home
  4. Not hosting or attending social gatherings of more than six people (‘Rule of Six’)
  5. Limiting physical interaction with individuals outside households
  6. Taking action if they have symptoms (Stay at home and isolate. Book a test straight away. Inform the University of symptoms)
  7. Recognising that other people may be vulnerable and acting with consideration for others 
  8. Walking or cycling where possible to limit use of public transport 

The University has introduced a new code of conduct for students: Your Community, Your ResponsibilityThis sets out the behaviours we expect of our students to help protect each other and our communities from Covid-19. Students have signed this pledge when starting the Autumn 2020 term and it will be backed up by potential disciplinary action for those that repeatedly fail to follow the rules.

Rule of six

Because of a rise in cases, as of 14 September it is illegal for more than six people* to meet socially, indoors or outdoors.

*If you live with more than six people you can still socialise together as one household.

Reporting issues

Gatherings of more than six people are now illegal. If you have concerns about gatherings which breach the rule of six and may contribute to the spread of Covid-19, you should:

  • Report to the police on 101 or at
  • If at a pub or other business, speak to the licensee or manager in the first instance. If this has no effect, report to Sheffield City Council ​at
  • For perceived non-Covid-related noise or antisocial behaviour issues in student houses or residences, the University will continue to operate its 24 hour security helpline (0114 222 4085).  However, please note that security staff will require the caller to provide sufficient detail to allow them to assess whether a breach of the Covid-19 rules is taking place, and may then refer the caller to SYP if their view is that this is the most appropriate advice. Repeat complaints about individual properties could lead to disciplinary proceedings being taken by the University.  
  • To let us know about any other issue relating to students living in the community, please email

    Being good neighbours

    Being a responsible member of the local community is a central plank of the commitment we expect from our students.

    We work hard to help our students fufil these responsibilities when living in the local community. Our Residence Life mentors give help and guidance to first year students before they leave University accommodation and live in private accommodation for the first time. 

    When students arrive in their new homes, the University publishes information to help them settle into their new communities. This includes advice on how to take responsibility for waste, keep their property secure and how to get involved with local community groups. Most importantly, it stresses the importance of being a good neighbour and to be aware of the mixed community or permanent residents of all ages that they now find themselves living in.

    Anti-social behaviour is taken extremely seriously by the University of Sheffield. Our 24-hour security service will respond to resident calls about noise or anti-social behaviour relating to our students living in the community. Repeat or serious complaints could lead to disciplinary proceedings being taken by the University.

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    Student waste and recycling

    Many of our students are not only new to Sheffield, but have also never had to take responsibility for their own rubbish before.

    We work with Sheffield City Council to run campaigns to help our students navigate Sheffield's waste services. This includes advice on ensuring bins are put out and brought in promptly, and our End of Year Clear Out campaign, which each year sees hundreds of tonnes of items donated to the British Heart Foundation instead of going to landfill.

    We encourage students to help keep their neighbourhoods clean and tidy by reporting flytipping and graffiti to Fix My Street.

    Working with landlords

    Our registered private accommodation service, Smart Move Sheffield, helps student to find quality accommodation in the local area and encourages landlords to invest in their properties.

    We only register properties which are part of Sheffield City Council's Snug scheme, which promotes good accommodation standards. This helps to ensure that our students are living in safe accommodation and that landlords who do not fulfil their obligations to their students are not rewarded with University endorsement.

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