Information for members of the Council and lay members of Council Committees

This information is intended to provide an introduction to the University for members of the Council and for lay members of Council Committees.

General Information about the University

University Facts and Figures

Historical and Heritage

Maps and Travel

University Departments

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prospectuses

Governance of the University

Role and Responsibilities of Council Members (PDF)

Induction and Development of Members of Council (PDF)

- A description of the induction materials, meetings and events available to new members of Council, but is also relevant to existing members.

Guidance on the use of personal electronic devices and email accounts (PDF)

Council Membership Framework (PDF)

- A systematic ‘framework’ to articulate the process of recruitment to Council and its sub-committees and the subsequent induction and support of members.

University Central Committee Structure (PDF)

University Committees

- Committee memberships and terms of reference.

Council Members

University Statutes (PDF)

- Statutes of the University, including those relating to the membership and powers of the Council.

University Calendar

- The Calendar of the University, including the Charter and Regulations of Council.

Council Papers and Minutes

Review of the Effectiveness of the Council (PDF)

- Report on the Review of the Effectiveness of the Council (2020).

Our University Vision

Financial Control and Governance

Annual Report and Financial Statements

University Risk Management Policy and Process

Our Code of Ethics

- The University Framework for Decision-making Relating to Ethical and Reputational Risk.

External Publications

CUC Higher Education Code of Governance

- Committee of University Chairs Higher Education Code of Governance (September 2020).

Office for Students terms and conditions of Funding for Higher Education Institutions

Securing Student Success: Regulatory Framework for Higher Education in England

- Funding terms and conditions for the period to 31 July 2019.

Advance HE: Governance web pages

- A website designed for university Governors, with links to a range of resources.

Advance HE: Governor Development Programme

Advance HE: Getting to Grips Series

- Resources for Governors of UK Universities and Colleges of Higher Education, Getting to Grips Series. These guides cover academic standards, quality and the student experience, audit, estates and infrastructure, finance, human resources, internationalisation, research and knowledge transfer, and risk.

Equality and Diversity

- Governing bodies, equality and diversity: A handbook for governors of higher education institutions (Advance HE / Equality Challenge Unit, April 2009).

The Essential Trustee

- What's required of a charity trustee, including their responsibilities to the charity.

Charity Fundraising - Trustee Checklist

- Charity Commission checklist for trustees in discharging their duties over fundraising, including a link to full guidance.

Remuneration Committees

- A CUC Illustrative Practice Note on senior staff remuneration.

Governing body responsibility for counter-terrorism and the Prevent agenda

- A CUC Illustrative Practice Note.

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