External investment in excellence

In partnership with experts from business, policy and academia, our externally-funded centres are vibrant hubs of collaboration and world-leading research.

EPSRC Sustainable Manufacturing Hubs

The University of Sheffield is a partner in four new hubs that are set to make manufacturing more sustainable.

Each hub will explore ways to reduce waste, emissions and pollution whilst also lowering production costs within key areas of manufacturing:

  • CSManuHubSust aims to capitalise on the huge opportunity of compound semiconductor manufacturing, as identified in the UK’s national semiconductor strategy.
  • Advanced Metrology for Sustainable Manufacturing hub will develop ground-breaking new technologies, such as quantum sensors, to improve resource efficiency and productivity in precision manufacturing.
  • MediForge hub aims to transform the development and manufacturing of medicines by pioneering an Industry 5.0 approach focused on harnessing advanced technologies for sustainable, resilient and human-centric medicine production.
  • Manufacturing Research Hub in Robotics, Automation and Smart Machine Enabled Sustainable Circular Manufacturing and Materials (RESCu-M2) aims to use advances in AI, robotics and intelligent automation to create a new sustainable circular manufacturing ecosystem across sectors.