Coronavirus: our research and innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a vast and growing number of challenges for all of us. Staff and students from across the University of Sheffield are working to mitigate its effects on society with a rapid response through crucial research, innovation and collaborations.

Resources – education

Enhancing digital literacy and creativity among children

As schools across the UK are closed, our leading experts are sharing their research and advice on childhood education. The activities and resources aim to support people whilst their children are spending their time at home. 

School of Education

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Coronavirus, Examined

About this series

We live in a world that is facing one of its biggest challenges in living memory. The coronavirus pandemic has devastating potential as it sweeps across the globe. To fight this virus and slow its spread, we’ve had to change almost everything about how we live our lives.

In Coronavirus, Examined we’re talking to experts from The University of Sheffield to explore the different ways in which coronavirus is changing our world and the way we live.