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Extra-Curricular Uploads (For UG Students Who Commenced Study Prior to September 2021 Only)

HEAR 6.1 Activity Verifiers are responsible for overseeing the implementation of extra-curricular activity verification protocols, which culminate in the upload of extra-curricular achievements to student records.

Key resources to support this are available from the download boxes on the right. In general, 6.1 Activity Verifiers are responsible for:

1. Ensuring that students are aware of:

a. the opportunity/ies to gain HEAR recognition;
b. the criteria that need to be met in order to qualify for recognition;
c. the full process for gaining HEAR recognition (key dates and deadlines especially – including when students can expect activity completion to be confirmed and added to their HEAR).

2. Ensuring that activity data is loaded onto student records correctly.

It is acceptable for another member of staff to perform HEAR uploads, but in these cases, Activity Verifiers must ensure that other staff involved are able to determine which students are eligible for HEAR recognition.

3. Ensuring that activity verification protocols are kept up-to-date by re-confirming protocol details (e.g. HEAR criteria, activity description, contact details) during the Annual 6.1 Review.

4. Responding to student queries about the criteria/process for gaining HEAR recognition – including the resolution of student appeals (to be resolved informally where possible).

5. Ensuring other staff are aware of the verification process, so this can still take place in the event of staff absence. Assistance can be requested from the University/Students' Union HEAR Coordinator in such circumstances.

Curricular Uploads (For All UG Students)

Some staff may also be responsible for uploading curricular data for the HEAR, relating to student placements, non-faculty-approved (previously departmental) prizes (not University prizes), and/or dissertation/project titles.

The upload template and guidance for dissertation/project titles are below.

Uploads of curricular placement details and departmental prizes need to be agreed with the University's HEAR Coordinator - please email to discuss your requirements, or with any questions e.g. relating to the difference between non-faculty-approved and faculty-approved prizes.

Template for Dissertation Title Uploads (XLS, 10kB)

HEAR Dissertation Titles Upload Guide (PDF, 600kB)